YUPIN THAI KITCHEN - Fine Home Cooked Thai Food
Our Soups are authentic and homemade. Traditional Thai Soups have a wonderful range of flavors and spices. Where marked, the soup will come mildly spiced with chili peppers. For those hearty souls who want to turn up the heat in the soup, please advise us at the time of the order the level of 'heat'.
Some have choice of meat:
   Chicken, Beef, Pork, (add $1 more for Beef)
   Or for the Vegetarian: Tofu or Vegetables,
                                                   Or Shrimp (add $3 more),
                                                   Or Mixed Seafood (add $4 more)  - Comes in Large Size ONLY,
                                                   Or Duck (add $4 more)
Tom Yum
H1   Tom Yum **
Small..$4.95  Large..$7.95
Traditional Thai hot and sour with choice of meat, mushrooms and lemon grass.
Photo coming soon
H2    Tom Kha **
Small..$4.95   Large..$7.95
Traditional Thai creamy coconut cream soup with choice of meat, lemon grass, chili
Photo coming soon
H3   Wonton Soup
Small..$4.95  Large..$7.95
Shrimp Wonton, cabbage, scallion in clear broth
Photo coming soon
H4   Tofu Noodle Soup
Small..$4.95  Large..$7.95
Tofu and Mixed vegetables
Photo coming soon
H5   Thai Noodle Soup
              Large Only.. $8.95
White Noodle Soup with choice of meat, bean sprout, garlic oil. Add chili to suit.
 ** These Dishes come pre-seasoned with some Chili.
 For all Dishes, Please tell us how HOT you would like your Dish.
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