YUPIN THAI KITCHEN - Fine Home Cooked Thai Food
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Yupin has always made her kitchen an oasis of joy for nearly 50 years where she has been improving her favorite Thai dishes to a taste that is all her own. All her family and friends have encouraged her for many years to take her style of cooking and bring it to the public. It is with great pride that she has finally come out of her kitchen at home and settled into her new home at "YUPIN THAI KITCHEN" to share her fine style of cooking with all of you as we have for years.
The chili is an important ingredient in many of the Thai traditional dishes and the flavor of the dish would not be the same without it. However, the level of chili in the dish varies to a personal choice and we would appreciate your kind attention to use the following "heat" levels when ordering a chili dish:
     Level 0 = NO CHILI   
     Level 1 =     MILD       - Standard fare for the beginner. A very noticeable after-kick of heat
     Level 2 =  MEDIUM     - The flavor of heat rises after the 1st bite, and rises again with each bite
     Level 3 =     HOT        - Only the most seasoned chili eater should even order this.
     Level 4 =  THAI HOT   - Thai hot  is 2 to 5 times hotter than HOT and brings tears to the eyes
We hope you find our food to your taste! Please come back again!
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